June 2020: The Gas Turbine Market - Webcast

Where It’s Been, Where It’s At Right Now, And Where It’s Heading

The webcast will review the state of the market as of 2019, how gas turbine orders are trending overall and how the market has changed in light of current events. It highlights:

  • What turbines are selling well
  • What areas of the market remain strong
  • Those areas of the market that have weakened
  • The underlying trends and market disrupters

January 2020: Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Market Review

Dora Partners is scheduled to present its' Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Market Review at the Western Turbine User's Conference (WTUI) in Long Beach, California, March 30th.

January 2019: Dora Partners becomes Trace Certified

Certification by TRACE signifies that you have completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and have been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process.

The successful completion of TRACE certification demonstrates your commitment to commercial transparency, allowing you to serve as a valued business partner to multinational companies.


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